How One Woman is Changing The Lives of Others…

…One confident body at a time.

Sarah Nicole Landry. Aka:


We met not that long ago at a Toronto Business Babes event (More on them later—because the awesomeness doesn’t stop there, either!). It was girl crush at first sight. Actually, it was soul crush; Sarah is ah. maze. ing. You can’t help but feel amazing yourself when you’re around her, either!

As we do in this day and age, I instantly Instagrammed her and learned that her positive aura, gorgeous looks, and beautiful soul aren’t being wasted. This girl has serious game, and she’s using it to help others. What’s that line about helping other women straighten their tiaras? Sarah is front of the line, straightening ALL of ours. She is every woman’s cheerleader. I mean, have you seen her IGTV video on Tips For Bringing Your Body To The Beach?! Spoiler Alert: there aren’t that many, but they’re powerful! (Plus she’s wearing my Pink Palm Kimono in the vid, which makes me smile). 

She’s also really funny.

And has a brand-spanking new Podcast! Have a listen at The Papaya Podcast.

And is never-endingly supportive, uplifting and wise. Women, she is a wise one!

I feel so, so honoured that I got to know Sarah personally. She made me feel a little less hard on myself for my own imperfections. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a process and I still question myself a lot on a daily basis, but having someone like Sarah in your corner—even if it’s just reading her inspiring words on instagram!—makes you feel that much stronger and capable of sticking to your guns. Her brutal honesty has made it a little easier for me to be more comfortable in my own struggles. It’s weird to say, but knowing you’re not alone helps to accept things that you can’t change.

Because we should all be a bit kinder to ourselves. More accepting of our flaws, both inside and out. Because they’re not really flaws. Rather, they’re little reminders of what we’ve done and accomplished to get to where we are. They’re the sketches before the world gets to see the final painting. And one day, those preliminary sketches are what go for the big bucks because it’s the little things that matter most—what people remember about us. It might be physical or it might be internal, either way, wear it with pride! You’re the only you, and you matter to someone out there, even if you don’t always know it.

But back to Sarah: she is the realest of real. Follow her Insta, listen to her words, feel the hope. Be amazing!!

Thank you Sarah <3