Spreading Self-Love + Positive Vibes, One Unapologetic Conversation at a Time
Where to begin… Do you ever find that it’s the things you care most about are the hardest to do? In this case, writing about Lady Styleworthy…

Jennifer Rabanillo.

This kind, caring, positive soul came into my life a little over a year ago at the Spring 2018 One of a Kind Show, Toronto edition. It’s these events, I tell you!! A collective of women who (mostly) want to lift each other up. I make the most amazing connections at them—Jenn being by far my favourite. She is now my Business Bestie!

So let me tell you about Jenn. An event planner extraordinaire, she pulls in all of these lifestyle and interior design elements to create the most amazing experiences for her clients. Something that is unique and truly a dream manifested to reality. She not only brings the good vibes—she believes in them, too. Her healing energy is amazing.

Her belief, support and drive are what keep me going some days! I’ll love her forever for it.

And she loves my stuff, too😘

Jenn reached out to me again nearly a year after #OOAK18 for the All About Women Show. She was creating a project that focused on loving yourself the way that you are. She and her husband, Ryan (yes, my guy is Ry too so there was that sign!), joined me at my studio and it was kismet incarnate! It was a project and message that I could really connect with. Not long after, the first incarnation of the Art of Marina X Styleworthy Intention deck was born.

The second one came along in time for our first real event collab: The FemPOP Collective.

It’s not just a market, not just another sip n’ shop whatever you want to call it. It’s a stage, where you get to hear the story. And see the maker, and learn about the product. WHY… Do we do what we do? HOW…did it all come to be? WHAT… difference does it make? It’s a dream to be working with this babe right here …. she is a big part of my my story, and I can’t wait to share it all with you at @fempopcollective ✨🙌💕

Next up: we’ll be making magic in Vegas… stay tuned! And there’ll be more. Lady Styleworthy and I will be collaborating until the end of time.

In the meantime, we’ll keep having convos about our furbabies and how to take over the world, one stylish project at a time…