You know when someone just lights you up?

They look you in the eye and you feel loved and appreciated just being in their presence. They’re crushing it at this game of life; living theirs to the fullest — and actually wants others to live theirs to the fullest, too.

That, to me, is the ultimate Girl Boss.

A person that discovers, grows, invents, excels and then whole-heartedly shares it, so that you can, too. A person who listens and hugs, and genuinely feels like sunshine.




Photos by Alicia Thurston Photography

Kat Gaskin is all of that and more.

The first time I met her, she made me feel SO special, and still does, to this day. We bonded over our mutual obsession with tropical vibes, pineapples and my kimonos. It was LOVE at first site.

I recently attended her Business Babes’ Content Planner Retreat at the June Motel. As soon as I arrived and was surrounded by those incredible vibes, I realized it was exactly what my soul needed.


Photo By Nicole Fajardo

A place to hang with like-minded fem-preneurs, ready to learn how to plan, post and profit their way to success with Kat’s ingenious invention: The Content Planner.


The best part? 

I learned that the Content Planner isn’t just a planning tool to write in (or not!) like a regular ol’ agenda. This book of magic makes you feel waaay less stressed about juggling multiple social platforms. It also gives you extreme confidence when it comes to hitting that post button on Instagram, especially when you’re feeling all those emotions and are totally overwhelmed.

 Confidence, clarity, and a whole lot less stressed. AND… that is what the content planner DOES. I know it’s going to help me a lot more than just buying a regular planner. As well as helps plan and tell your story with ease and structure for a beautiful looking Instagram account.


Too much fun with @kim_m_fitzpatrick + @amylynnarmstrong

It’s not just about selling your products.

You have to be a lot smarter than that. Kat, through the Content Planner, brings together like-minded people who care about being better, doing better, and are willing to invest time and money  in their wellness and organization. And Kat’s there for you, behind-the-scenes, every step of the way!


Thank you, KAT!!!!

Did I mention she SLAYS in my Kimonos????

Photos by Alicia Thurston Photography

And I am SO grateful for the Toronto Business Babes for bringing together this crew of amazing and beautiful women. Every event of theirs I’ve attended, I come home feeling like a rock star and so incredibly motivated. The cherry on top is the powerful friendships I have made at each one.

So, this is a shout out to Kat and Lauren. Love you girls!

What are YOU waiting for, rock stars?!

 Take Kat’s Instagram challenge here and see for yourself.

 And join us at the next business babes FALL CONFERENCE , you will not regret it!