Hello Friends!

I am super excited that on this very first day of Spring, 2019, about two years since my last post—Eek! Has it really been that long?!—I have decided to bring my blog back.

Let’s get one thing straight right away. I am not a writer. There won’t be perfect language; that’s not what this is about. So why am I blogging again, might you ask? So very many reasons, but most importantly, it’s just one more way that I get to share my work with you. Sharing my creativity is what I love about being an artist, and along this crazy artist’s path, I’ve learned some pretty cool things.

Also, because I didn’t really do it right in the first place. So, I went and learned how and what makes a “successful” blog just that—as a representation of my bigger business, because while I love what I do, it is a business—and I’m ready to try again. Because that’s what we artists do. We keep striving. So why have I left that first go of blogging on here, you might also ask? Because while it’s not quite “right”, it’s part of the journey, and maybe by reading from the beginning and comparing and seeing how I’ve evolved, you’ll learn a few tricks of your own to use and grow.

Yes, You in the Front With Your Hand Up!

Part of my journey thus far has included the wonderful shows, pop-ups, and general interactions with people over my art and goods. Through all of those conversations, I’ve started to notice a running theme in the questions: How the heck did I start? How did I learn to paint? What was school in New York City was like for a Canadian girl? Why do I make fashion? Am I ethical in my production? What supplies do I use and where do I get them? What books do I read? What am I doing next? Ladidadidoooo…

So this is the place I’ll be answering all of those questions. It’s for the incredible people I’ve met along the way—and even for myself, before I forget all the details about my incredible life, haha!

Oh the Places We’ll Go! And the Places I’ve been…

My intentions with these posts is to show you what I’ve learned from my mistakes, and to share all the steps it has taken me to get here. Not just with blogging, but with my art as a whole. Plus all of the places I still want to go. OMG, so, so many places!

My topics are locked and loaded, and I’m nearly giddy with how many things I want to share! It’ll not only be about painting, but how to curate a collection of paintings and how to exhibit, how to navigate the trade show application process from start to finish, how to source fabrics and manufacturers, both local and overseas. What trade shows to go to, what to take with you, what is happening in your city, and about all the bright, beautiful souls along the way and how they can help too!

Like-minded individuals that grow together, glow together.

Community vs. Competition.

We are all unique, you are the only you and that is a BIG DEAL. So you be you, and maybe learn from me….

Did I mention that sharing makes me feel good? Like really good. Helping others makes me a better me, and the best I have ever felt, and I want more of that good stuff to go around. I have gone through so much in the past decade. Now, I am on a mission to share the love and lessons that I have learned. I won’t just share the good stuff, I’ll share the hardships, too. Because I know I am not alone, and I love having the support from people that I share with as much as—hopefully—you’ll feel my support, too.

I would love for you to join me on this journey. From personal trials and tribulations of LIFE—It’s not all watercolour peaches and roses—to ART painting techniques and experiences, to FASHION business and potentially beauty. Yes, I am obsessed with girly stuff. And INSPO. Where do I find it? Well, keep reading along with me and you shall see! (spoiler alert: #girlpower) Feel free to introduce yourself, too! Don’t be shy to reach out.

Til soon, Loves.