2019’s been an incredible journey so far…. And it’s almost time to celebrate the one year anniversary of Art of Marina on September 19th, 2019!

Because of the amazing metamorphosis I’ve undergone, I painted a series of nine magical butterflies.

After the incredible depression I entered after my car accident, I came out knowing there was something greater I was meant to be doing – my heart just knew it. Life suddenly became too short not to take chances on what I truly loved— every damn day! Especially since it already felt like I was getting a second chance at life. I painted a lot in my down days, and it was the only thing that made me happy, and I found myself healing.

SO —- I decided to paint my butterflies, for not just me, but for anyone who finds comfort in them.

Whether you just fell in love, or your celebrating life, or whether you are going through a serious break up, health scare, or hardship… Or maybe even you want to give thanks or apologize or forgive….there is a butterfly for everyone. I just started to think of each facet of the journey we all take to ultimately become ourselves and to become a better version of ourselves.

Going through tough stuff, hurts. It can seem hopeless sometimes. It feels like it won’t pass – but it will.  But we have to believe in our journey and follow our dreams so that we too can let go and fly.

I mean, it worked out for the caterpillar right?


Here they are:

#1. F R E E D O M

 The Freedom Butterfly represents the ability to let go of things you cannot change
and the courage to believe that everything will work out as it should.
The strength to let go of fear. The choice to be happy with the way you are.

Courage * Authenticity * Faith



#2. L O V E

The Love Butterfly:
This butterfly symbolizes that magical feeling in your stomach when you truly fall in love.
The butterflies, the spark, the beating of your heart.
Let this butterfly be a symbol of that very love and the promise and dedication to the journey towards it;
the reminder of its truth and the will to believe in its power so that it lasts forever.

Love * Trust * Strength



#3. H E A L I N G

The Healing Butterfly
This butterfly is a symbol of compassion.
It represents condolences and is a symbol of light in a time of darkness.
The wings help remind us to take it slow, and be kind to ourselves, knowing this too, shall pass.
It is a symbol of recovery and passes on healing energy.

Compassion * Faith * Love


#4. M I R A C L E S

The Miracle Butterfly: This butterfly is a symbol of miracles—
believing that things that you think are impossible— actually happening and coming true.
Healing is a process that requires patience.
Let this butterfly be your symbol of compassion and light in a time of darkness.
Its wings are an enduring reminder to take it slow + be kind to ourselves
knowing this too, shall pass.

Strength * Faith * Manifestation



#5. H O P E

The HOPE Butterfly

Without dark, there is no light. Let this butterfly be your comfort and protection
in times of fear and sorrow, an eternal symbol of hope.
Let its powerful wings keep your spirits high.
Wings that will guide you to the next step of your life in faith.

Light * Faith * Perseverance



#6. P E A C E

The Peace Butterfly As a symbol of forgiveness and the power to let go
of uneasy feelings surrounding your heart. This butterfly brings peace
and gratitude for the powerful lessons learned.
A reminder of the joy that forgiveness and letting go can bring.

Gratitude * Surrender * Harmony

#7.  P A S S A G E

The PASSAGE Butterfly is on a journey of becoming. It is a symbol of transformation.
A butterfly that is still forming into its true self.
The wings of this ethereal beauty carry positive intentions for growth,
— with a clear path and full heart on the journey to its greater self.

Acceptance * Optimism * Trust

#8.  H A P P I N E S S

The Happiness Butterfly is living its best life
and passing its shining light onto each person it comes across.
It’s a reminder to put happiness first and chose to be
optimistic and let go of the things that aren’t serving your
truest and happiest self.

Optimism * Light * Authenticity

#9.  F R I E N D S H I P

The Friendship Butterfly is a symbol of gratitude towards companionship.
You wouldn’t be where you are without the uplifting love of a special friend.
True friendship is the bond that gives you wings to fly.
It is a symbol trust, loyalty and love towards someone who
has been a part of your personal journey in growing your very own wings.

Love * Trust * Loyalty