Alexandro loved the portrait! And so do I. Its a gorgeous piece and I can’t wait to look at it for years to come!! – Randi W, Langley, BC

OMGosh…we love it!!! He’s so cute and you totally captured his eyes…it’s amazing Marina!!! Xoxo – Catherine on Leroy, Toronto

“You have truly captured the spirit of the picture I sent you! Fraser and Lindsay look so happy with each other and as a parent I couldn’t ask for more! You are so talented and I thank you for your time and effort on this!!” – Kim S, Calgary on Linz & Fraz

“It is soooooo beautiful! 🙂 Can’t wait to take it home! Thanks for doing an awesome job!” – Amy, Vancouver on Love Story

“The portrait of myself was a surprise gift from a friend and I was blown away! It looks exactly like me while at the same time being colourful and stylish. It is amazing! I have it hung in my bedroom and I love it! Every time we have company they always comment on it and they love it too!” – Lara V, Vancouver on Lara

“I love giving gifts and especially unique ones. Living so far away from my friends makes me want to give gifts that are extra special. Two of my dearest friends have recently had beautiful babies, one of the pictures that I provided Marina with I had taken making it even more personal and the other was a team effort. Marina was able to capture the amazing adorableness of these two new beautiful people and the gift was received with tears of joy. I promised them a new portrait every two years so that we could all share the joy of their growth and I know the gift will last a lifetime especially when they are old like me and are able to look back at portraits of their youth given to them by their hopefully favorite Auntie. Thanks Marina your art is amazing and your talent for really capturing the special light inside the people in the pictures you paint from creates a gift that is personal and priceless.” – Keti M, Zagreb – Croatia.

“Love, love, LOVE the Marina Stefanie style. A painted portrait makes a wicked wedding gift, and her watercolour painting of my husband and I is a piece I’ll cherish forever. Her whimsical aesthetic is perfectly balanced by the use of colour and strong personality that shows through in every piece.” -Karin

“Marina moved me once again with my portrait. She has an innate ability to portray the true spirit of my youthful nature on paper. Keep up the good work, I know it is only going to get better and better!” – Betty on Betty

“I love it!!!! It is so amazing, Thank you doing this painting for me! I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about it and I cannot wait to have it and put it up in the house.” – Lohra, UK on Lohra Lee