In the busy and blissful weeks of December, after a very chaotic and exciting first time at the One of a Kind Christmas show, I was walking on a cloud of fluffy dreams. Christmas was coming and I was getting gifts ready, packing online orders, and planning the next few weeks in a tizzy of tinsel and sugar highs.

Then suddenly, one mild, early mid-December Saturday morning, I was on my way to a routine Naturopath appointment before off to a planned sister spa day.

That didn’t happen, though. 

Life happened—shit, happened—and change was about to happen.

Next thing I knew, I was in an ambulance.

I had been hit by a van that ran a red light. It was fast and furious…and it’s now June, and I am still seeking treatment. It has been hard. I didn’t really get anxiety before this. Truly. I didn’t know that PTSD could really be a thing. And how serious it is. Terrifying, shocking; I still sort through confusion over it all: how could this happen to me?

While learning to cope with the hard stuff, something else happened that was bigger than anything that has ever happened to me before. I realised I was alive. Like living, alive. Breathing, alive. That I survived something really effing scary and that I had this precious thing called life for however much longer in front of me—and it was a miracle.


“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life” – Mary Oliver

 The silver lining? I really could do whatever I wanted to do with my life starting that very minute… Well, once I was feeling a little better.

 But then life happened again. More freaking lemons.

My Mom + The Big C 

Shortly after my car accident, my Mother was diagnosed with Cancer. I was shocked, scared, and in disbelief. I flew out to see her immediately. So there we were, shit stuck to the bottom of our shoes, and we celebrated—we’re still celebrating—life. 

My mom is a warrior. She is a dream. She also lives across the country from me. So just like that, change followed tragedy and my next move became crystal clear: make every moment count more than ever before.

So how does translate to real life, exactly? Travel—and lots of it—mostly across the continent to be with my Mom while she undergoes treatment. That, and do what I love, every. single. goddamn day. Painting and building my brand; that’s my legacy. My gift I have to share or I wouldn’t be complete.

Nowhere To Go But Up

And that’s not just a Mary Poppins song. Life is short and we just don’t know when or why it’s out time. But we do know when we have to do something. And we do it.

Did I mention I also believe in miracles now? 

There are so many beautiful things in the works for Art of Marina. It’s like as soon as I made the decision to put my WHOLE heart and soul into, the Universe aligned. I can’t wait to share more details soon!

So that is what is happening in my LIFE!  What’s happening in yours, beautiful people? Comment below! Me? I’ll be busy making lemonade every damn day—and here’s yours as a digital wallpaper for a Free Download, just because you’re wonderful!


Til soon, Loves.