MELMIRA – Passing Down Wisdom – Print & Publication

I was invited to illustrate an elegant story book for a gorgeous, family run women’s lingerie and swimwear boutique called Melmira. The book was written by Megan Sheldon of Narrative Communications, and designed and directed by Lisa Hemingway of Backyard Creative.

In collaboration with Megan and Lisa, we created the concept of wisdom being passed down over time by showing various life stages in backwards chronological order, paired up with powerful statements. Melmira’s consumer base was quite broad, and we helped them focus on some specific milestone stories to tell, such as postpartum underwear shopping, or buying a first bra. Although the storybook shows some product within the chapters, the aim of the book is for readers to focus on themselves, and not to compare their bodies to the media’s version of female perfection.

COAST COLLECTIVE – Branding, Logo + Web

This project was to create a logo and website for Coast Collective. Coast Collective is a collection of handmade dream catchers by Vancouver native Mommazanne. She was born with a hippy heart, and a natural knack for crafting. She loves to sew, craft & create. Her love of dreams and pretty things led her to the beach shores of her hometown of West Vancouver British Columbia, hunting and gathering natures treasures to create her authentic one of a kind dream catchers. These dreamers are all hand made with a unique twist, so no two are ever the same.