It’s been awhile since the last time I sat down to blog.

What I have been doing, is reflecting a lot on the past year—the whole past decade, I suppose!— and figuring out what exactly Art of Marina is, and what the journey up until now has been… to me. Nearly a year ago, I gave up my steady and somewhat normal life to follow my dream whole-heartedly…

But what is normal?

Maybe this is my normal, I realised, because I thrive on change. I finally love and accept my calling as an artist and I believe I was really, actually, born to help others. That by helping myself, I do help others because teaching art is my happiest place.

So maybe the rest of it really wasn’t my normal and focusing on Art of Marina is, and that is what I was put on the planet to do.

Create and share.

So, my deal for this new decade is NEVER STOP.


Believing in myself, trying to do better, be better, and never stop living my truth.

Being real; it’s freeing. 

 So, this is my new 2020 and beyond mantra. And you know what? The more I believe in it lately, the more its proven to me that magic really  is all around us.

Currently, I’m in my favourite place in the whole world, staring at my favourite beach as I type. I’m reflecting on all of my discoveries over the past two weeks as my vacation comes to a close, because this trip has brought up so many amazing things: Friendships, love and lots of answers. One of my biggest discoveries is I really needed to step away and get some closure.


I am actually a workaholic, so “stepping away” in any real way was hard for me. Really hard. But being here has been SO therapeutic. But where exactly are you, Marina? You must be asking right now…


San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico

My family is blessed to have called this magical place home-away-from-home for the last 12 years. Before that, we travelled here dozens of times when I was a kid; I practically grew up on this beach. So when my parents bought a place on the exact same spot that we stayed all those years, it felt sacred. Like home.


I’ve seen this place grow and I’ve seen my family grow. Swimming in the pool and playing on the beach with my nieces is EVERYTHING to me.


Ryan and I got married here.


I have a million memories of my childhood friends and I here and all of the family gatherings over the years. But also, the inspiration.


Something ignites in me, here.

The Dream of the Baja Peninsula


My Favourite Spots are:



Flora Farms is a 25 acre organic working farm in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. Home to Flora’s Field Kitchen, The Farm Bar, Flora Farms Grocery and Flora Farms Celebrations. The farm is also home to the Shoppes at Flora Farms, the Culinary Cottages & The Haylofts, (our hand-built, straw bale luxury homes for the culinary-inclined), as well as The Farm Spa, an intimate spa and wellness experience achieved through nature-based spa services, in a supremely peaceful setting. Acre. The Farmers Market…and so many more. It’s absolutley adorable and the food is delicious! A must!

My Hubby and I had our wedding rehearsal brunch here and it was the dreamiest.



I can’t even with Acre. It’s just so darn beautiful. Lush green palm forest for Acres. Tree forts, minimal modern architecture, with the essence of the Mexican Baja. It’s like you died and gone to heaven. It even smells like it. So in love and can’t wait to go back.

Most recently, my favourite is an experience I had.


I met an amazing tarot card reader.


I was at the pool with my Mama Dos (Family Friend and second Mama here in Mexico), and we were walking by a group of people I had never met. We all started chatting and introducing ourselves. When it was my turn and I was introducing myself, one of the girls said,


“I have an inkling to do a tarot card reading for you. I’m a tarot card reader. The woo woo without the cuckoo”


I  was super excited, as you can you imagine, if you know me!


And she laughed and quickly explained that when she has an urge to do a reading for someone…even on Instagram, she will slide into their DM’s. So, it was a sign that she had to do a reading for me. I laughed and asked what your instagram was. 


And there is was: @tarot.Lori


My head actually exploded.


Because there we were in Mexico, sitting at the pool, and turns out she’s from Toronto!


And even more serendipitous: she was at the same Mom Boss Bruch as me last November doing readings. An event that was a total fluke I even participated. I tried all day to get a reading, but circumstances didn’t allow it, but I started following her on instagram and planned to reach out at some point.


And here she was. In Mexico, at the pool in my home-away-from-home.


Totally Bonkers, right?

The reading was insane. And SO meant to be on so many levels. It was the magic I’ve been talking about. She said everything I needed and wanted to hear.  But the BEST thing I took out of it was…


She pulled the devil card, and I flinched. And she said, “No no no, this is the card you need.

The Devil is your homework. Nothing Satanic.


The Devil is the voice on your shoulder going, it’s never going to happen. Because you’re not this and you’re not that, negative self-talk that we all have.


When this card shows up, it’s getting in the way.


Visualize your devil. Your inner fucker.


Get your visual and then just go FLICK, Swish, FLUSH, BOOM.


Because the Devil is not you, it’s a separate entity that you need to KILL.


BE Mindful and aware!


If you can be mindful enough to catch it in the moment and say wait a minute, is that me, or is that, that devil? Take that minute to squish, switch and flush that bitch face away.


It feels super goofy, but you will feel a shift.

You are making it a separate entity and he will slowly go away. FOR GOOD.”

So I’m Going To Never Stop

Then I can Live my best life at FULL VOLUME, FULL Brightness.

Who’s with me?


Anyone else ever battled with self-doubt and insecurity? We all have bad days, bad years… But I say, no more. Thank you, Tarot Lori. For giving me that Push I needed. The sky’s the limit!


Let’s be the Protagonist of our own stories and shake our tail feathers on the daily.


And Nip this bitch face in the bud, once and for all…shall we?


(And go get a reading, @tarot.lori)


Xo Marina