There are many things in life that I love, but one of my most favourites is definitely beauty. I’m talking in the sense of skincare, makeup, and everything a beauty junkie could possibly want. So when I had the pleasure of collaborating with the most talented babes behind Toronto makeup artist
Crista Nicole’s new beauty + makeup brand, Spell [#spellonyou] I was over the moon!

It was an easy collab. I met with Crista Nicole and Courtnay Elizabeth and we pretty much fell in love at the consultation. (Let’s be honest, I inquired immediately about getting my brows done!) These two babes know a thing or two about beauty.


The Women Bosses Behind Crista Nicole


Crista is the go-to girl for everything beauty.

She has a special love for makeup and gift to give the perfect brows, lips and liner using permanent and semi-permanent techniques. This requires a steady hand and some serious talent—she’s an 8x certified permanent makeup artist. Crista is also the ultimate girl boss who travels the world and teaches her tricks on how to do makeup flawlessly. Oh, and she’s beautiful inside and out.

Courtnay Elizabeth is a self-taught talent who does makeup and lashes. She’s worked for Estée Lauder, Chanel, Lancôme and Bobbi Brown. How’s that for a flawless resume?!

Crista and Courtnay work together in their fabulous beauty parlour in downtown Toronto. The two took it to the next level and created their own makeup line—and I don’t doubt they’ll take the beauty world by storm with it. You should see these Babes. Their personalities are as stunning as their beauty.

Brows, Babes, and
Spell Beauty

I had microblading done with Crista and I am telling you, it was a game changer. They look and feel so natural! They’ve also saved me hours of filling in my brows from over-tweezing to Kate moss-perfection in the 90’s—I am an 80s baby, after all.

And for my part? I created the typography for their wordmark logo. I also painted a couple of portraits for the beauties behind Spell. And because I can’t control myself, I painted some of their makeup as well, because—OMG, I was a part of this!

I feel so honoured that I got to help make their logo dreams come true. And my dreams came true, too, because I love makeup SO damn much. And my new brows. And these Babes. Talk about the power of women lifting women!

Check out my new Brows! If you are interested in microblading I highly recommend Crista!

If you’re feeling those vibes and are in the market for some awesome wordmark, logo, or overall branding action—hit me up! Chances are, if you’re interested in working together someway, somehow, I would love to also! #likeattractslike

And thanks Crista + Courtnay, love you!!!