About a year ago I bought a tripod and was ready to start my painting tutorials, but of course, I procrastinated. On Sunday,  I taught an amazing crew a “How to paint palms leaves in watercolour” workshop, and it was super fun and successful. I felt great all day and I thought about how nice it is to teach, and how much I love to share. I came home and immediately shook the dust off the ol’ tripod and went for it. It was a perfect way to start my painting tutorials – just do a recap of my class –  no big deal!

I didn’t really realize, I would also had to teach myself iMovie and Youtube. That was fun! An easy tutorial takes a lot of filming and editing- kudos to all you vidoe bloggers out there, I have a new found respect! So here it is, after a lot of hard work and rambling on… My first video is here. I would absolutely LOVE any feedback! I will be posting a video every Tuesday, so stay tuned.  Unfortunately, I will not be allowed a username on Youtube until I have at least 10 subscribers, so if you want to see more – please subscribe. Let me know if you have any requests of what you would like to see me paint next. And please note its winter again, and my cold is back.
I didn’t really know how bad my sniffles were until I watched the video myself. (Sorry!)

Anyways, Thanks for reading and watching =) I hope you enjoy.

Happy Painting!