I died when my old friend Lana sent the photos of these three adorable Pomeranians, in a ball. How ridiculously cute are they? Extremely. She wanted a portrait of all three together for a Christmas present, so I dove right into the painting.  Since I haven’t met them in person I wasn’t sure if I got the character, but she assured me I had. Yay – Love the painting and these three little Poms! Bailey, Brandy, & Whiskey next time I’m in van I hope to meet you!!

1. Who is the painting of ??

 The Pomeranian crew I nanny on a regular basis. Bailey, Brandy, & Whiskey. 

 2. Why did you decide to get a painting made? Who is it for?

 The owners do so much for me. They are so generous and kind, and I wanted to give them something meaningful for Christmas. 

 3. Are you happy with happy with how it turned out?

 I love it. It is better than I had hoped. No detail was missed. Even Brandy’s little grey hairs! 

 4. Was the receiver pleased?

 They love it. They have been wanting a painting of the dogs but haven’t had time. This made their Christmas. 

 5. Anything else you would like to share about the painting?

 Your so incredibly talented. The painting is identical to the photo. You captured the poms perfectly. Thank YOU!