After shopping black Friday and Cyber Monday, I was very much inspired by Giving Tuesday – We all want so much, and sometimes we forget to give back for all we get.  I decided to give away a print of my new December pin-up girl “Carol” since giving Tuesday was also the first of Dec. – But I also planned a surprise along with it.

I am grateful everyday that I can paint. It doesn’t pay (all) my bills, it doesn’t save lives, but it makes me happy. It gives me something to do that I love SO much. Painting is my biggest passion. Drawing, paints, paper, canvas…. Ahhhh. And to think, it is something that I have always wanted to do, but not always been comfortable enough to share.

Honestly, It’s intimidating out there. There is SO much talent, it’s amazing. But that is the true beauty of it. There is room for all of us. When we share our passion, we expose ourselves and share our gifts. And inspire. If it weren’t for all the veterans exposing their talents, maybe I would not have ever been inspired, and maybe I never would had built up the courage to try, and to share. So to each and every artist out there going for it… thank you.

Thanks to all of you out there for your support.  I am so very grateful for every single like, share, comment… Even if it is constructive criticism… (Thanks friends and family) I am just grateful that I can do whatever I want in this world, and that I want to do the things I choose to do.

For giving Tuesday, I decided to not only give away a copy of Carol, but to actually paint a portrait of the first person that shared my art!

I wasn’t surprised when that person happened to be a girl who has liked my art many times before. But,  I was pleasantly surprised because I always wanted to paint her since she is very charming and beautiful. Ooooh and I knew the photo I wanted to paint.

So here it is. I hope you like it Jovanna – Thank you so much for sharing, liking and believing in my art. Don’t forget how gorgeous you are Lady!