I paint people because I love it. I paint because I have been obsessed with anything illustrated since I was a child. I remember freaking out of excitement when anything was illustrated in a magazine. I would tear it out and breathe it in. Photographs inspire me, but illustrations take me to a whole other level.

I studied fashion, merely because I loved illustrating clothes and girls wearing them.
I loved fashion so much, I had to have as many outfits as possible as a child and teenager.
Now it’s just ridiculous because the obsession hasn’t stopped. Although it has been terrible for the credit cards, it has been really good for my drawing.

Once I started to understand the composition of faces and bodies, I found myself wanting to paint more and more. I am not sure what the obsession was but it has brought me here today, to this blog – sharing another beautiful face I got the pleasure of painting. Babies are the best, because they are these smooth big-eyed creatures with barely any teeth and perfect button noses. This is another baby, his name is Cameron. I have known his Mother and Auntie for as long as I can remember. I am very excited to share this portrait with you, and the story of why it was painted. Kathryn, a dear friend, and the aunt of Cameron wanted to gift her sister. Read Kathryn’s own words below…

1. Who is Cameron?

 K. My first nephew

2. Why did you decide to get a painting made? Who is it for?

K. For my sister. I knew Marina would be the perfect person to capture Cameron for my beautiful sister and amazing husband Clint. 

3. Are you happy with happy with how it turned out?

K. Marina has captured his gorgeous blue eyes, his smile, and I can’t stop looking at it. I couldn’t be happier.


4. Was the Nicola pleased?

 K. Nicola cried when she first saw it. It is so special because such a good friend painted it.

5. Anything else you would like to share about the painting, Cameron or me?

K. Thank you Marina for the love and effort you put into this gift. Thank you for being so receptive and enthusiastic about painting Cameron. THANK YOU so much for capturing his gorgeousness. 
I knew you would. 
It makes us feel like you are just around the corner. 


Dear Kathryn,  Feeling the love and so grateful you chose me to be a part of this special gift. Thank you so so so much forever and always. xxx