You may recognize miss Ania, as the girl who I have illustrated and painted again and again. Well, I have known her forever and she was a beauty from birth! She always had the most beautiful face; I remember her blonde hair and big smile making an impression on me even as a young girl. It is no surprise that later on she would grow up to be the whole darn package. I was ecstatic to get to paint this incredible photo of her, it radiates Warrior Princess, and that is exactly what she is!

When I embarked on a career in fashion, Ania was one of the first girls I asked to walk the catwalk for me and became one of the first faces of my label, Mala Kuja. It created a spark in both of us. Fashion always stemmed from my love for illustration and painting, so naturally, Ania was one of the first faces I painted.

Today Ania is beauty and brains, and an entrepreneur. She is the face, and designer of Triarchy, along with her awesome brothers. Ania has a philanthropic heart and is as beautiful on the inside as she was blessed to be on the outside. She will always be a muse to me.

She now rocks the red mane and this proves she can wear any colour of hair. This painting was inspired from a simple test shot from a photo shoot that she posted on instagram. It is now immortalized in oil paint. It was a father’s day gift to Anias amazing Dad, George.


Ania ~ Love you Baby! Stay fabulous woman xx

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