There is so much you can learn about someone when you get to paint their portrait. Even at such a young age, there is so much detail that goes into each persons character that represents their individual personality. This little guy with his tongue hanging out of his mouth is Soren. His Aunt Lisa and I met through an exciting creative collaboration, and she asked me to paint her nephew for his birthday. 

When selecting photo’s I was immediately drawn to this one because of the awesome background, he is sitting on a geometric printed rug, and I am super into prints – so I was excited to incorporate it into the background. Lisa was adamant about keeping the focus on his tongue, because apparently he always has it hanging out of his mouth. So this being my first tongue portrait, I had to try to make sure I got it right! Oh the pressure. Lisa was thrilled – and I was too. Here is what she said:

Who is the portrait of?

My twin sister’s first son (and my third nephew!) Soren Peter Bogwald

Why did you choose to get this portrait made?

Because I love how much air time Soren’s tongue gets — he’s very expressive and no doubt will change a lot in the coming years. I wanted to capture how ridiculously cute he is as a present for his first birthday. Also, my sister and her husband love art so I knew they’d appreciate your creative interpretation.

Is there anything else you would like to share about this cutie-pie in the picture?

It has been an amazing experience getting to watch him grow over the past year, in such close proximity. My husband and I moved to the same town as my sister and brother in law just in time to welcome him into the world — perfect timing!  

And finally, are you happy with how the painting turned out?

Yes, I think Marina did a lovely job at capturing Soren. I love the colours and the painting looks amazing in his bedroom.