This is Kona.

Our dear friend Megan and her new hubby Johan, right around the time they got engaged, adopted this lucky little pup. Lisa and I collaborated on a puppy portrait as a wedding gift. We thought it would be the perfect gift.

Lisa brought the idea to my attention and I was thrilled… and feeling SO special since I already painted both Lisa and Megan’s little nephews. Soren and Nicholas.

The best part of this is that Lisa met Kona first, and introduced her to her parents.

I have so many things I would like to share about both Lisa and Megan since we are working so closely together but I’ll save it for a little later on when we unveil our amazing creative project we have been working so hard on… for now it’s all about Kona.

 First questions go to Lisa:

(Me) Who is the portrait of?

(Lisa) Kona — Megan and Johan’s dog (and our “god-dog”!) My husband Mike and I met Kona at the SPCA before they decided to adopt her — kind of a pre-screen visit. I fell in love with her instantly. I will always have a special memory of the day Megan and Johan adopted her.  

Why did you choose to get this portrait made?

(Lisa) My good friends Megan & Johan love art and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate their upcoming nuptials than illustrating their first major commitment as a couple — adopting Kona.

Is there anything else you would like to share about the puppy in the painting?

(Lisa) Kona was adopted May 2013 — and their wedding was in May 2014. So it was a kind of neat to celebrate the anniversary in this way of her adoption too. 

How did you hear about My art?

(Lisa) Appropriately, through Megan, the bride : )

Are you happy with the way the painting turned out?

(Lisa) Yes! I love how calm Kona is — she’s at her best here. She’s a very beautiful dog and I think you’ve captured her poise nicely. 

(Me) Thank you LIsa!!!

And Now Megans answers:
(Meg) Great answers Lise 🙂  Here goes mine…

When was this photo taken?

(Meg) In one of our favourite spots in the city –  the grassy meadows near Jericho Beach.

Were you happy and or surprised by the portrait gift?

 (Meg) Beyond surprised and thrilled! We’ve given art to others before for their wedding and it was so special to be on the receiving end this time!

 Are you happy with the way the painting turned out?

 (Meg) We love the painting – it captures such a vivid memory and makes us feel so lucky to have found our girl. 

 Something about Kona…

 (Meg)  Kona was around 6 months old when we adopted her from the SPCA. When we first met her, she was frozen and very apprehensive, but we could still see how playful and sweet she was. Having a rescue dog is one of the most amazing experiences because you literally get to see them transform before your eyes. We adopted Kona when Johan and I first moved in together – and so with her, we officially became a family. 
Thanks Marina! You’re the best!

(Me) Thanks Lisa and Megan for sharing your amazing answers. Both of you are the best.

 And Meg ~ Congrats on your beautiful family and exciting life together. Can’t wait to paint (more of) your babies one day  x LOVE x