I was never really that hardcore. Sorry if you thought so. I’m not. I’m sensitive and I don’t like pain. I prefer the sweet stuff. Even when I fronted an all female heavy metal rock band, I listened to fleetwood mac and ray lamontagne before and after rehearsals. It never really suited me being badass because I’m just not. More than one person has told me I’m a cremepuff in the past.

My motto still is try everything once. You only live once – so why not?  I’ve been true to my heart my whole life and that’s all that matters. After I ran away from heavy rock life, I met a boy, fell in love and got married. One of the things I love the most about my hubby is his love for music. Even though we don’t agree on the time of day it’s appropriate to play certain bands… I appreciate his loyalty to his taste and that we still go to shows whenever we can no matter who picked the band.

Anyways the reason for this banter is that one thing we both agree on without a doubt is Brody Dalle. She is the punk rock chick that could turn anyone into a head banger. She is the the kind of cool that make me drool a little bit.

Ryan played The Distillers on his iPod in the car many moons ago and I was inlove instantly. Her rock and roll rasp and tattoos and guitar playing everything – damn. I was really pissed that I didn’t listen to her on repeat in my Jaded days, because she would probably have convinced me to stick with music and stop being such a wimp… at least for a little while longer.

I mourned the breakup of The Distillers and her previous band spinerette. I did constant google searches…. Brody Dalle Tour? The Distillers back together?  Ryan and I will forever play coral fang on our regular playlist… And watch YouTube clips of The Distillers rocking out at summer music festivals and we can never get enough of her, and her voice. AND THEN….The most exciting thing happened recently when Brody released her first solo single meet the foetus/ oh the joy and Don’t mess with me for her highly anticipated new album diploid love. I pre-ordered the album on itunes- expected Apr.29th. What are you waiting for? Get on it. Then got tickets to her sold out show at the Horshoe tavern in Toronto on May 7th and I’ll be there screaming like a school girl even though it’s a school night.

Oh and did I mention, she is not only an extreme punk rock goddess, but she’s also MRS. to Queens of the Stoneage frontman Josh Homme. The sexiest ginger alive as far as I’m concerned.

So that is the reason I painted your face Brody. Because it’s amazing, and I wanted to capture your voice and all it’s colours in this portrait and thank you for being so cool without even trying and inspiring me. I love listening to any of your music, all the time. Your man is a lucky dude and your kids probably don’t even realize just how cool their cool mom is.

 “Sh-sh-shot through the heart, baby / I’m gonna love you forever.”

I fucking love you Brody Dalle.