I love honey so much. I put it in everything. I eat it with a spoon sometimes.

But one thing is true, bees scare the shit out of me, because I am allergic to their sting.

I have been stung several times. On my lip eating watermelon, on my elbow, ankle… but the worst was when I was about 4 years old, on the forehead, and I actually have a scar. Oh and my face blew up – I was a mess. 

Bees have scared me ever since. I cursed them every time they flew my way, and would run far away as I could. I always hated bees so much, but I realized they give me the honey I love so much; so how could I hate them?

I decided to educate myself a little. I read reports that honeybees are disappearing in large numbers and that no one really knows why it’s happening.

The honeybee produces honey and beeswax, and plays a vital role in crop production through pollination. Bees and other pollinators are responsible for ensuring most fruit and vegetable crops around the world mature into food. Most sources suggest about one-third of the food we eat is reliant on pollinators.

We need our Honeybees alive, buzzing and pollinating in this world. German physicist Albert Einstein once warned that should honeybees disappear, so would our global food supply.
“No more bees … no more men,” he said.


So… I’ll take the hit now and then because I couldn’t live without one of natures most delicious gifts. And even though bees could kill me, I would never kill them because they are in danger and we need them to live.

I know that honeybees aren’t out to get me. Instead of focusing on their pesky stinger, I’ve made a vow to buy local honey and plant a bee friendly garden in my backyard. Here are 8 more ways you can help save the honeybees too: Save the HoneyBees.

By painting this beautiful girl with succulent honey dripping hair and buzzing honey bees, I’m facing my fear by appreciating their beauty.

Summer is almost here, so let’s see if they want to be my friend!

 Close-up of one of the little honeybees!

Close-up of one of the little honeybees!


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