It’s always such a pleasure to paint a beautiful mother. This is Melanie. Her portrait was a surprise birthday present from her husband Thomas. He thought it would be an original and personal gift.

Thomas was very sweet with the process, trusting my creativity and judgement in regard to background, color, style, etc.

“I don’t expect a hyper-realistic portrait, rather a stylistic one. So feel free to do according to what the pictures I sent you inspire you.”

When I asked if there was any specific reason why he chose the portrait as a present, he responded: “I thought she would be touched. I wanted to find a new way to say “I love you.”

I was especially flattered since Thomas was introduced to me from Antony, a previous customer who also got a portrait made of his wife: Aqua Girl.

When I began my painting Melanie, I saw her natural beauty radiating from the simple moment in fall that the camera captured. I loved the colours in the background, and I really wanted to emphasis the gold ochre, and earth tones of falls rich autumn.

When I showed Thomas, he was really happy! He wrote:

“I love it. She loves it. Everybody loves it. Very nice mix of colour and texture. It captures her natural beauty very well.”

Thomas suggested I name the piece “Fall in Love” since I picked the colours of autumn, and as a symbol of his love for his beautiful wife.

I thought it was pretty darn perfect.