This is a story about a pretty little girl named Zoe, whose mom Vickie, my friend, was super cool and extra supportive to commission me to paint her daughter Zoe back in 2011.

Little Zoe was one of my very first baby portraits.

Zoe had this vivacious and colourful, bright and beautiful personality. The first time I met her she smiled brightly and treated me as though she had known me as long as I had known about her; Hugs and love from the get-go. She reminded me instantly of her strong fierce and stunning mommy.

A few years later and Vickie popped out her baby boy Zareh, and immediately asked me to paint him too. She sent a few photos and the one of Zareh wearing a Lords of Gastown onesie (And his cute little hair standing up!!) was the one. I had briefly heard about this Lords of Gastown Company through social media, and new that they were a clothing line from my hometown of Vancouver. I checked out there shop and loved all the stuff I saw, but this onesie was killing me. I though painting a dark background wash would be an appropriate touch.

On a recent trip back home to Van, I got to meet little Zareh and saw the cute little foursome family all together – finally! Brett, Vickie, Zoe and Zareh. Zareh was perfect, the sweetest little ball of love and little Zoe had grown up so much but I still saw the same pretty face that I had painted years before.

So this is just a shout out to Vickie. For being an amazing mom, taking the time and money to get her babies portraits painted – such a special thing to do for your little ones, and OMG such a generous thing to help out an artist friend.

Love you lady!

Vickie is very passionate and one of my biggest supporters (Constant praise, melting my heart every time) and it is my greatest honour to paint these little munchkins for you Vickie…
hey are beautiful just like you and your little family all together =)