A Mothers love is the greatest love there is. It’s the kind of love that never ends, the kind of love that I can feel radiating from this beautiful photo of Aimee and her little beauty Alexa on her 6 month birthday. The photographer, Elizabeth Minish captured a true magical moment of a mother and daughters love that tugged at a few of my heartstrings.

Aimee is my old friend from high school.  She recently married the love of her life and gave birth to this most beautiful little girl, Alexa. One night recently, Aimee was having severe abdominal pain, she went to emergency, and after many hours, they found a tumor in her colon. Turns out the Stage IV cancer spread to her liver, she would be undergoing chemo, as well as embarking on the brave journey to battle cancer.

Shocked and heart broken, I questioned why has another beautiful person I have been blessed to cross paths with and call my friend been diagnosed with cancer? It is just simply outrageous and unfair!! No one deserves to face this frightening monster that cancer is, especially a beautiful mother that has a beautiful daughter to love and love her back; Someone like Aimee.  I was instantly reminded of how lucky I am to have such a beautiful mother myself, whose love has been unconditional. The warmest, safest feeling is just knowing that she is there. All my life she has been there. I took the love I felt from this photo, and I pulled out my paintbrush.

I wanted to paint this photo as a gift to Aimee and her baby girl, as a thank you for being the light that she is. She has always encouraged people to be their best, and whispered words of positive confidence to those she has come across.

Aimee has always been a leading warrior, with the voice of an angel. But even Angels need help sometimes. Right now- Aimee needs a backup army of Angels.

There are many ways you can be an angel and help Aimee and her girls:

Aimee’s brother has started a page for financial donations

Read more about the story with beautiful photo’s by Images by Bethany

Follow along with Aimee and her support team: Aimee’s Circle

A beautiful article: A Story of Hope and Helping

Dear Aimee, Evani and little Alexa, My thoughts, prayers, love, hope and positive energy are with you ladies. I know you can beat this Aimes. Love Always, Marina xoxoxoxoxoxox