Meet Aqua Girl. Her real name is Megan. It was a custom portrait for her birthday from her husband Antony. Antony was nice enough to answer the questioniarre so you can read about why this picture got to become a painting…

Who is the portrait of?

The portrait is of my wife Megan, from our trip to St. Lucia last year.

Why did you choose to get this portrait made?

Megan, the family’s official photo taker, often remarks about how infrequently she is actually in the family photos. So, I thougt I would take one particularly good shot and “amplify” it…

Is there anything else you would like to share about the photograph or person in the painting?

Not really, Megan is a wonderful mom, daughter, wife, professional, friend, etc. The photo I think really captures her simple and easy beauty. I think she looks like a movie star.

How did you hear about Marina’s art?

I saw green girl in the window at one of the galleries on Queen East and loved it. I think the proper title of the picture is “Lucky” but we referred to it as green girl as a basis for this portrait.

Are you happy with the way the painting turned out?

Yes, completely. In fact there is a good chance we’re going to have another one done. The crowd at the framing shop down the street were duly impressed: and they process a lot of local art…



Thanks Antony for leaving this portrait in my hands. And you are right, Aqua Girl doesn’t just look like a movie star, she’s a superstar =) 

Happy Birthday Aqua Girl!!