Love was in the air when I received a message from my old friend Alex, inquiring about a portrait of her and her boyfriend for their 2 year anniversary. She sent a bunch of photos and they were all gorgeous so it was a tough decision, either way I knew it would be a win. Immediately I saw there was something pretty special about the one she ended up choosing. I loved the hip and relaxed vibe of the location in the background and the fact that underneath it all, I could feel their love was exploding behind their designer shades. I sent off the painting to Alex, and knowing that she would be giving Ben the painting for their upcoming anniversary, I waited anxiously to hear the results. Soon enough, I noticed Alex pasted her shiny new engagement ring on facebook and I felt like it was success. Wow! Did he propose because he loved the painting so much? Just kidding…

It turns out he really did love it in the end. Here is the truth revealed in Alex’s questionnaire.

Who is the portrait of?

Myself and Ben Darling

Why did you choose to get this portrait made?

I wanted to buy Ben something personal/custom for our two year anniversary… Both of us are a fan of your paintings, and figured it would be fun to have one of the two of us!

Is there anything else you would like to share about the photograph or person in the painting?

It was a special week for the two of us… I surprised him with a painting earlier in the week, and he surprised me with an engagement ring on our anniversary weekend J

How did you hear about Marina’s art?

I’ve known Marina since High School, and a few of my friends have paintings by her… I love to purchase artwork, and to support friends in the industry.

Are you happy with the way the painting turned out?

Yes, we are both very happy with the result, and the painting has been placed on our wall.

I was so flattered to get this opportunity to be a lucky part of painting the magic of their love. Timing is everything. Alex summed it up quite nicely too… “Funny where life takes you and who you meet along the way – just happy we found each other when we did”


Congrats you two love birds.
Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and nothing but love and smiles on your journey along the way.