I met Adam, aka Adam C Fresh at yoga training in 2006 and he was a sure deeelight.
Super talented and a fine bendy yoga buddy he became. Adam asked me to paint a portrait of himself with his sisters and when I saw the photo, I was not surprised when I saw how the looks spread across the line of Croce’s. Adam had a couple pretty sisters, yup he did. So I painted them up with some watercolors and poof, out came a portrait. It was challenging to capture the essence of their looks from a little photo, especially studying the faces of two gals I’d never seen in real life before… but a detailed sketch and a few strokes later I think I got it, but I’ll let Adam decide….

Who is the portrait of? 

I got a portrait of myself with my two beautiful sisters as a Christmas gift for our parents. They loved it!

Why did you choose to get this portrait made?
I’ve known Marina for many years and am a huge fan of all of her art. She is wonderfully talented and I love supporting her art.

Is there anything else you would like to share about the photograph, person, pet in the painting?

It was a difficult photograph to paint because of how complicated it was, but Marina made it look perfect.

How did you hear about Marina’s Portraits?


Are you happy with the way the painting turned out?

 I love how the painting came out.



Thanks again so much Adam!
Feeling pretty special and honored to have painted you and your sisters.
Much love always, Marina.