Not only is my dear friend Yarrow that I met at Yoga training a fine and bendy yogini, she is actually a brilliant writer. You may remember this little sketch I did for her business cards… half standing bow, half feather quill pen…

Or you may follow her awesome blog: A little Yoga in Between…

But she also asked me to design her new book cover about four pretty girls living in LA:
Fame Place. Check out the synopsis here:

Their dreams are about to come true. Or, so they hope. It is the first semester of drama school at West Hollywood University where Mika, Kalista, Chloe, and Joey vie for status through the Internet world of Fameplace. We follow as these young Social Queens navigate Hollywood’s underbelly wrought with sex, drugs, celebrities, the pursuit of dreams and love, and, above all else, the desire for Fame!


Congrats on all your accomplishments Yarrow =) Keep writing – You are a star! XX