Bre had this special painting made up just for you and wanted to surprise you for your birthday!


This photo is extra special because it was taken during the first month of Bre and Stefan’s relationship, and it’s Stefan’s favorite picture of the duo!  It was taken from a phone, so of course it was tiny resolution…good idea to make it life size.

Breanne wanted to do something extra special for you since you proposed to her on her birthday (amazing) and apparently you totally spoiled her this year – Good job! She thought it would be nice to have a memory of how special this year has been for you two love birds. I haven’t met you yet, but I heard about what an amazing guy you are and I am super happy for you and Bre. Congrats on your upcoming wedding, you are a lucky guy to have a babe like Bre by your side! And from the sounds of it she’s lucky to have you too =)

Well I must say it’s times like these that I love my job! Two very happy good looking people =
an excellent piece of art.

All my love and I wish you two all the best, and the happiest Birthday to you Stefan!