Nicholas2 copy

Oh the joy and excitement in my heart when an old dear friend requests a portrait of someone special, her sweet little nephew Nicholas. The photo was way too adorable, and I loved the blue/ brown stripe story happening. Although I haven’t met Nicholas in person, I could immediately see the family resemblance. And what a cutie he is!

Megan is a special friend and we even share a birthday. Check out her awesome company called Narrative Communications. Since Megan has a knack for story telling, and I love to paint, this was a collaboration waiting to happen. And I was thrilled when she told me “They LOVED it!!”

Megan explained the details below…

Who is the portrait of?

The portrait is of Nicholas, son of David and Lauren.

Why did you choose to get this portrait made?

I chose to get this portrait done for my nephew Nick’s first birthday. I wanted to give him something that he would grow up with, something that captures this amazing time that he will have no memory of later in life.

Is there anything else you would like to share about the image of Nicholas?

This photograph epitomizes Nick’s curiosity and playfulness. He is such a happy little baby – this was taken right after he woke up from a nap!

How did you hear about

I’ve known Marina since we were 12 years old. We not only grew up together, we have also worked together on a few different projects. I love that the story of this painting will include my friendship with Marina – I knew she was the perfect person to paint my little guy 🙂

Are you happy with the way the painting turned out?

Dave and Lauren were thrilled with the painting – and Nick just kept staring at it! I think he is a little confused – but he will come around!

Nicholas Sheldon