I was contacted by Kim who wanted a portrait of her kids. She sent me over at least a dozen awesome shots, but I chose to paint this one because they looked so happy… that it made me so happy too. I actually think I smiled the whole time I worked on it, and then I smiled when it was finished. I asked Kim a series of questions for the blog and the answers were so sweet and heartfelt that I thought I was share them “interview style” so you can get to know why the portrait was made. I completely understand where she is coming from too. Being away from home in New York has made me realize how much I love the people in my life, and how much I adore when we are together. Paintings and pictures make the memories last forever!!

Who is the portrait of?

K: Our 27-year old son Fraser and his 25-year old sister, Lindsay.

Why did you choose to get this portrait made?

K: Lindsay and Fraser are only 16 months apart and have always been very close. They share so much with each other and ask each other’s opinion on important decisions (even seeking approval on potential boyfriends or girlfriends!!) After Fraser graduated from high school, he went to a technical school here in Calgary for two years. When he finished his diploma he decided to travel to Australia for 8 months. As a parent, it was hard to see him go but I never realized how much they missed each other until the day he came home. One of the pictures I sent you captured the excitement on their faces when they saw each other again.

They are both back in school now, Fraser is at UBC in Vancouver doing a linguistics degree so that he can travel again and teach ESL (as a means to fund his wanderlust!). Lindsay is in a PhD program in Psychology in Saskatoon and will be there for four more years. We took them to Mexico last Christmas and as a demonstration of their gratitude for the family holiday, they arranged for a photographer to take several family pictures of us on the beach. Those pictures are precious to me as the times that we are able to get together are getting a lot tougher to arrange! One day, they will have families of their own but for now, I wanted to capture the happiness and joy of that day just watching our two children enjoy that moment. (Rats, now I’m getting all choked up!!)

Is there anything else you would like to share about the photograph?

K: I think that the previous answer covered most of my story. I wanted to do it as a way of letting them know how much it meant to me and now I will have that day captured on canvas.

How did you hear about letmepaintyou.com?

K: I read an article in the Calgary Herald’s Swerve magazine and absolutely loved the photograph and your painting style!

Are you happy with the way the painting turned out?

K: Absolutely over the moon!! Even though I have only seen it on my iphone, I am happy that Marina captured the essence of Fraser and Lindsay – they are two very special people and I will treasure this portrait forever! Thank you so much!

M: Awww, You are so welcome Kim! It was my absolute pleasure =)

Linz and Fraz