The first Misguided Goddess simply started from the idea of wanting to paint portraits of fabulous photography. I was drawn to the photography of Jamie Hodge and approached her to do a collaborative show of her photography and my artwork. Since I started my artistic career in fashion and was experiencing creative withdrawal from crazy and exciting photo shoot fiascos, I knew this project would be a no brainer. As an artist with little to less experience then my peers, I wanted to start the project with the new and hungry talent that wanted a gig and a place to shine. In a way I figured we could all help each other out with our skills and determination all being a different part of the show. Amazingly talented makeup artists, designers, models and stylists with the same motive to work with on this pursuit of passion started walking through my door. Quite frankly I was blown away at the talent.

With the help of kind and generous friends, we found magnificent locations to shoot from the Lighthouse Park and residences in West Vancouver to Horse stables in Maple Ridge – I was humbled by the hearts of those who graciously donated their space for us to use as a setting for our shoots. I am still overwhelmed. Misguided Goddess Part II was also a huge success bringing on more talent introducing that talent to a wider audience, and the best part, we did it all for charity! All of Misguided Goddess proceeds have gone to Fuck Cancer.

Below are a few examples of my paintings painted for the shows photographers –
Jamie Hodge and Karolina Turek.


Venessa Painting

I would like to thank Jamie and Karolina as well as all of the rest of the talent that made Misguided Goddess II a success Rebecca Amber, Heather Pennell and James Williams for shooting such amazing photo’s. Tasha Defazio for styling these looks created above, Jessica W. NeujeimTee Agnew and Kyla Charney for make up and modelling and Ania TaubenfligelVenessa Facciotti, Nikki Danielle, Farah Noor, Yogita Grover, Maxe Roberts, Vanessa Martin and Ashleigh Eymann for shining in front of the camera.