My girl Judy wanted me to paint a picture for her Best Friend Naz’s Birthday Present. She wanted something like… A painting of a girl with a gun, with a cityscape and smoke in the background. Sort of like Lara Croft tomb raider – warrior style. She wanted the girl to be “hot” with dark hair… like Naz, but not to make it look exactly like her since it’s not a portrait. Oh and Naz really likes anime….and she’s all about bling” I must say, I think the result turned out pretty BAD ASS. I never know what to expect when I get custom orders, but in the end they are all worth the challenge. Naz got her birthday present on time and I get to add this awesome anime, cartoon – tomb raider inspired – Babe, holding a gun, covered in bling to add to my custom collection! Sweet.



Thanks for thinking of me Jud’s… to paint this for you and your bestie!
What a great prezzy. I hope Naz LOVES it as much as I do!