This one is amazing.
The couple met at UBC during their undergrad. Tom was a national boxing champion and an A+ student (he would later study law at Harvard and become a very successful lawyer). He fell madly in love with a beautiful, smart, and kind Chinese girl (Connie) and wanted to marry her. His parents didn’t want him married at 18 so they shipped him off to the RCMP in Alberta, and they thus parted ways. But 40 years later, (and thanks to the internet) they found each other. So now at the tender age of 60, they are falling in love all over again and getting married!

This picture was when they were 18.

Also thanks to the internet , Amy found me and I got to be the gal to paint this amazing picture in watercolour. Amy was invited to their wedding because of her friendship with Tom (the groom). She wanted to give them a wedding present that reminds them of when they first fell in love. How sweet is that?

It’s a lovely story isn’t it?