The world needs more people like Yael.
She started a movement to make the world a happier and healthier place. Kudos. I saw it pop up on my news feed several times over. I was engaged by the message – big bold F*CK cancer statement. Awesome. I wanted to help.

The beautiful Ms. F*ck Cancer came into my life when Misguided Goddess approached the movement asking if we could use the event to help them raise money for Cancer awareness. We were overjoyed when they accepted. Yael is a true goddess herself – and a role model to the masses. She made a f*ck cancer shirt to protect her mom recovering from cancer surgery… I think she realized how brilliant it was when everyone was hugging her mom wherever she went– and wanted a t-shirt. She instantly wanted to tell everyone with a parent that they better protect their parents too… and so on and so on. The point is f*ck cancer saves lives by teaching people how to look for cancer instead of just finding it. By promoting early detection – we can really tell cancer to f*ck off before it comes back and bites us.

Yael’s literally a hero, and hero’s deserve portraits – Her original portrait is watercolor and ink on 22×30 arches 400lb cold press paper (Best of the best)

It will be up for auction at the Misguided Goddess show this coming Friday April the 8th. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Fuck Cancer! So come to the show – support us and be a hero too.