Deez and Meemz have been the best of friends since the 8th grade. 17 years or so. Damn, that’s long. Deez’ actual name is Denby, but I’ve called her Deez since high school, and she calls me Meemz. The two of us have had our ups and downs for sure – but she is there for me always, and I’ve got her back too =) We took this picture on my favourite beach in Mexico last year – Santa Maria, and I painted it or her for her birthday prezzy. Stoked we will be returning in June =) Anyhoo – Deez is a rockstar friend. She is super patient, organized and intelligent. All the things I struggle with. Opposites attract? This painting is quite large and hangs in her beautiful apartment – that is decorated in gunmetal gray and hints of deep maroons. I thought the gray scale colour palette would be most appropriate.




Love you Deez. Hope you don’t mind me sharing this picture of us on here – next time I’m painting you solo chica.

ox MAF xo