I absolutely love all the Mexican horses on the beach, so I attempted a free style horsey painting on three canvases a la Mexicana. In the process, I decided to make this into a little story … Here goes:

Three horses stand in the tall grass overlooking the beautiful Mexican coast. They are sisters. The leader, the stallion, the eldest of the three has striking poise signifying her strength, as her hair blows in the powerful wind. She is fierce and wild, yet wise and shares her wisdom only with her two younger sisters. She is ready to go out and lead the way.

The lighter colored sister is in the middle. She is a warrior because she protects both her older and her younger sisters, and is very careful about letting others in. She watches out for her younger sisters ways, and carefully observes her older sisters actions.

The youngest is the sweetest, cutest horse. She hasn’t quite figured out her path, because she doesn’t need to – quite yet. She is the most independent of all three. Although she learns carefully from her older sisters mistakes, she still looks up at the beauty in which they poses, and acknowledges their courage. When she is ready to run free, the older sisters will always pray that she returns.

These three stick together, and have each others back for life even though they may all separate from time to time, their bond can never be broken.


(This picture is taken from my iphone)