Pamela is a sweet gal from Montana, my new friend.

Actually I’m not sure if she is from Montana, but I know she lives there. She also has a lovely place in Tortuga Bay next to my Mom and Pop in San Jose del Cabo. She came by to see my mermaid painting, and immediately asked me to paint her portrait for her husband. It’s his Birthday on March 6th, same as my dad. I thought that was pretty cool, so I got to it right away. The only downer is I would have loved to do watercolor, but there is a shortage of watercolor supplies in Cabo. They don’t have the amazing selection of paper like my favorite store “Opus” back home. They actually don’t have really any at all. So I told her it would have to be acrylic.

It turns out she LOVED it, and asked me to paint another of her and her husband Dan. Awesome. Since the second one isn’t a rush job, I get to paint her a watercolor after all =)
I can do it when I get home and send it to her in Montana. I can’t wait.
And hey, I’m stoked I got more practice painting acrylic portraits!

Isn’t she Preeeeetttty ?