Wow, what a day. I woke up in Mexico, took a peek outside and noticed the sun was shining and the wind was bowing- hard.
My mermaid painting that I managed to begin and practically finish the day before, was staring back at me. I was happy with the result. I find that I judge my paintings a lot better when I wake up and see them the next day.  I’m still learning acrylic – but antsy to start oils.

I got up and my mom and I headed to Bikram yoga in a hot tent up on the hill.  A sweet, but sharp 60 or perhaps 70 year old named Mercedes was the teacher and she has something going on that reminded me of Emmy Cleaves; Indescribable knowledge of the practice, and a bendy body at her age that blew me away. She said just the right things, and new her shit. I love how some teachers have never corrected me once, and this little thing just put me in my place by the third posture. She made me get up and do some advanced postures in front of the other students.  I’ve been neglecting my practice lately so I desperately needed to get my ass handed to me, and what better way to receive then from a an old – stoned – wise – yogini.

I am in Mexico for the next few weeks painting a series of paintings and a mural in Tortuga Bay – and doing yoga daily. Stay tuned for more paintings and yoga stories, but for now here is my mermaid painting.